MNR Group of Institutions

MNR Group of Institutions

The dawn of August 15, 1974 not only welcomed the anniversary of Indian independence but also marked the beginning of a new chapter in the annals of education in the state of Telangana.

This eventful day saw the forming of MNR Edicational Trust, founded by Sri. M.N. Raju, Chairman of MNR Educational Group, who conceived the idea of network of MNR institutions long before it was given a concrete shape, and has been the guiding and motivating force that inspires the dedicated staff members and the ever growing number of the student community.

The Founder

The philosophy of Sri. M.N. Raju is to shape the students into proud citizens of this great nation, laying emphasis on honing their innate skills and addressing their psychological and spiritual needs. His rich and varied experience has helped the group to evolve a unique student-centric teaching approach, which transforms the students into competent future professionals and lead a successful career.